Intimate Elopement Celebration {Indian Lake Park, WI}

Love is not only something to be seen, love is also something to be felt. These two connected with each other on such a deep level, they read each others minds, leaned into each others nervousness in front of the camera, and showed me how their love feels. Moving from Texas to Wisconsin recently I was happy to share with them my connection & love of Texas but also let them in on a shared love for Madison and it's hidden treasures. Thank you to these two beautiful people for allowing me to capture this treasured time in your lives!

Texas Family Sunshine {The M Family}

Oh sweet Texas, you're the piece in my heart I didn't know was missing. Last year we had the opportunity to visit not once, but 4 times! Each was lovelier than the next and each came with some fantastics memories. This family and I were finally able to connect in October and plan a date to get together for photos during my visit. The warmth of the sun, the rich bold Texas greens and yellows, and these two beautiful girlies (and their stunning parents) made for the most perfect evening Texas session. Can't wait to go back!

Arlo - Lifestyle Newborn {Wisconsin Newborn Photographer}

There will always be a special spot in my heart for those babies I get to witness being born. Arlo is one of those special little babes and just a week before this session his beautiful Mama gave birth and I was able to capture it for this sweet family. There's something about this session that just makes me fall in love with what I do all over again. Not to mention gives me some sever baby fever! I was so honored to be invited into this little mans new digs, and so so happy for this beautiful family of 3!


Mommy & Me {Lifestyle Retzer Nature Center - Waukesha, WI}

Miss Ada is so so special to everyone around her. She just lights up a room, or in this case the whole nature center. When I got a message from Katie at 2AM asking about photos soon as they were leaving for their big move to Seattle the next week I knew this was so important to her, especially to be wracking your brain at 2 in the morning over it. So we quickly picked a day that weekend, invited the grandparents that were helping while Dad was out getting settled in their new digs and explored this "new to us" place. When I got this email from Katie after sending the images her way I just about cried. This is EXACTLY why I do what I do. "I will literally love these images forever. I cannot wait for Ada to see them when she's older and appreciate them in a whole new way. Now I'm gonna go look at all of them a million times."

Tomorrow is not promised, our lives can change in an instance for better or for worse, but memories will remain, and we can encapsulate those memories with photos. And how she told me one day Ada would look at these is a whole new light hit the nail on the head. We may not print or frame every single picture of our children but one day when they ask, or when we are not there to tell them they will have these knowing that we were THERE.


Rylee {Lifestyle Newborn - Madison, WI}

It's crazy to think how much life can change in a day. One day you're a family of 3 and the next, a family of 4! There was no shortage of love or patience to go around for new baby & big sister though! I loved meeting this family watching all the sweet interactions between them. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Family Love {Wingra Park - Madison, WI}

If you couldn't tell by now, anywhere near the water is my favorite place to shoot. This park in particular quickly became one of our favorite places to visit when we first moved to Madison. The easy parking, playground near by, and the view of the lake and beautiful colored boats. We could easily spend a few hours here every visit. So when this family offered to meet me here I was excited! And when I saw their parked bicycles in the lot I knew this was a perfect spot for them. We had so much fun checking out the lake from different spots and we even got to see an awesome water plane which the boys were both so fascinated by. Thank you so much to this family for coming out, here are just a few of my favorites.

Wisconsin Beach {Summer Family Session}

There's something so magical about the water at sunset. There's also something equally as magical as capturing childhood on the water. It brings out the true essence, the playfulness, fearlessness, and happiness of being a kid. I can't thank this family enough for trusting me again and again to capture these memories!


Mother & Daughter {Ele Story at Downtown Madison}

Loved this Mother/Daughter duo! And how amazing is this matching dress and top set from Ele Story  I recently had the privilege of photographing some new pieces for Judy, the creator of these beautiful dresses and tops. If you haven't checked them out be sure to! They are beautiful hand crafted with gorgeous little details that encapsulate childhood all in one piece. Thank you to these two beautiful ladies for joining me on a fun adventure as we explored a new part of town. Here are some of my favorites!

The R Family {Wisconsin Beach Family Session}

What a gorgeous night to celebrate this man's 1st birthday on the beach! The water & beautiful sunset and an adorable family - what more could you ask for?  Watching this little man grow over the past year has been so fun. What's even better has been watching these 3 become a family together.  I love being able to capture these precious moments together. Here are just a few of my favorites!

Project 365 {June}

As summer has progressed I've realized how much I enjoy my freedom and getting in on the action - not so much being tied down with a camera. So I've decided this summer to do a play on the 100 days of summer project by doing 100 days of phone pics over this time. That way I'm not feeling obligated to haul my camera around with me to places like the pool, etc. Although it will come out for personal projects on occasion this summer, for now it's quick snaps on the phone for simple summer memories. Here's our June!

Magnolias in Bloom {UW-Arboretum Family Photos}

There is not much better than Spring in Wisconsin. After the long stretch of winter everyone gets a little restless to get out of the house, breathe in that warm air and see a little color back outside. The Arboretum has an amazing display of blooms and with the brief window of warm weather we had to take advantage. I love this sweet family and had so much fun at sunset with them and their precious little lady!

Baby Jack {Lifestyle In-Home Newborn}

Oh the sweetness of this family. They waited 9 long months, all of which I'm sure felt like an eternity for little man Jack. Well this bundle of perfection made his way into the world without hesitation and what a beautiful addition he has made to this family. Here are just a few of my favorites!  

Project 365 {April}

April started with a surprise trip to Texas where I can go ahead and cross of blue bonnets & pics with long horns off of my photo bucket list! The weather got nicer, and yucky again, and nice and then rainy & cold but hey, nothing surprising there. We played with friends, celebrated Easter, started enjoying our deck again and spent some time with cousin to end the month. Thanks April, you were great!  

Kennedy - 6 Months {Belleville, WI}

Oh my goodness do I love watching these girls grow! They are sweet and funny and so kind to each other. I love the way their Mama loves them so and you can just tell they all love her back something fierce. Thanks so much to this sweet family for inviting me into your home and for allowing me to capture these sweet 6 month pictures for Miss K!

Project 365 {March}

Our March started with an amazing trip to Texas. We got to spend some time with cousin on her spring break, and ended with concerts and a few travel days around the state. All in all March was pretty darn good to us!