An Invitation to Get Together

We all do it, I am guilty of it for sure. Talking more to someone online than in real life. Don't get me wrong - the internet is a great place to connect with people, to keep up with friends and relatives that are hundreds or thousands of miles away, to meet others who have the same interest but may not always have the time or schedule to get together frequently. It's pretty amazing really. But what I've discovered the last year or so is that if you just put yourself out there - just ask, or plan a date, you will generally get a great response - "LET'S DO IT!" or "I WOULD LOVE THAT!" and then you can breathe a sigh of relief and plan your day together. It's usually as simple as that! 2016 was definitely the year of get togethers for me - I have met SO many photographers both local & a few non (hey Jess!) IN PERSON. What I can tell you is it usually results in a few of the following : A) Amazing conversations. B) Beautiful pictures. C) Great friendships. And most of the time it's all of the above!! So this year I encourage you to put yourself out there. Invite your photographer friend out for lunch, or your best Mom group friend on a play date. I'm sure your results will be amazing!