Family Love {Wingra Park - Madison, WI}

If you couldn't tell by now, anywhere near the water is my favorite place to shoot. This park in particular quickly became one of our favorite places to visit when we first moved to Madison. The easy parking, playground near by, and the view of the lake and beautiful colored boats. We could easily spend a few hours here every visit. So when this family offered to meet me here I was excited! And when I saw their parked bicycles in the lot I knew this was a perfect spot for them. We had so much fun checking out the lake from different spots and we even got to see an awesome water plane which the boys were both so fascinated by. Thank you so much to this family for coming out, here are just a few of my favorites.

Wisconsin Beach {Summer Family Session}

There's something so magical about the water at sunset. There's also something equally as magical as capturing childhood on the water. It brings out the true essence, the playfulness, fearlessness, and happiness of being a kid. I can't thank this family enough for trusting me again and again to capture these memories!


Magnolias in Bloom {UW-Arboretum Family Photos}

There is not much better than Spring in Wisconsin. After the long stretch of winter everyone gets a little restless to get out of the house, breathe in that warm air and see a little color back outside. The Arboretum has an amazing display of blooms and with the brief window of warm weather we had to take advantage. I love this sweet family and had so much fun at sunset with them and their precious little lady!

Kennedy - 6 Months {Belleville, WI}

Oh my goodness do I love watching these girls grow! They are sweet and funny and so kind to each other. I love the way their Mama loves them so and you can just tell they all love her back something fierce. Thanks so much to this sweet family for inviting me into your home and for allowing me to capture these sweet 6 month pictures for Miss K!

The N Family {Middleton, WI Family Photo Session}

Why don't we go ahead and think about warmer days while it is still snowing, in March. Thanks Wisconsin!! I LOVED capturing this family, the boys energy and the love Mom & Dad shared for each other was so much fun. The colors & sun of fall just brought it all together. Thank you Marissa & family for coming out!

Prairie Inspired {Photo Session with Ele Story & Thr3e Styling}

All this warm weather reminds me of the long summer evenings and strong heat of the sun. Summer is just around the corner (I hope). Some of you have had some awesome experiences with Brandy of Thr3e Styling last year (yay for a successful launch of this new service & thanks to B for all her hard work!!) Well I'd like to introduce you to her beautiful little ladies. We did a "Little House on the Prairie" inspired shoot and these dresses from Ele Story were the perfect match to these two ladies personalities & overall vibes of the session. Here are just a few of my favorites. Prairie

The S Family {Middleton, WI}

I met this little man when he was just a few weeks old and I have love capturing him change and grow in the past year. I have also loved watching his Mom & Dad grow as parents too! We met up in the fall for his 1 year session at Pheasant Branch and I loved the beautiful end of fall colors it gave us on this warm fall morning. Here are a few of my favorites! madison family photo

The B Family {Prairie Ridge Park}

Location is important, yes. But sometimes when you have a short window of sun light and a beautiful open prairie in your backyard you kind of have to take advantage. And what says family more than having your pictures taken where you child will I'm sure often play and grow up next to?! I loved this little family and although little man was pretty serious, we managed to get a few smiles out of him. And aren't Mom & Dad just basking in the glow of parenthood?!

The U Family {Gibraltar Rock Family Session}

I am flattered when another photographer (especially ones as talented as Anne) reaches out to book a session. I've only known Anne for a little while now but she has such a beautiful soul and it really really shows through her work and the passion she has for her family and 3, soon to be 4 perfect little babes. We adventured a little on their family farm and then explored Gibraltar Rock. I loved all the little in between moments - it really showed the amazing dynamic this family shares. Here are just a few favorites from the evening! \

The H Family {Indian Lake Fall Session}

These are the moments you will remember forever. The hugs, the cuddles, the goofy faces & tickles. If there’s one thing I can leave you with in our session, these moments are it. I loved the personalities of these three kiddos, these are some of my favorite ages to capture! There's so much curiosity and goofiness and imagination! I absolutely adored this family and the crazy warm weather we got at the end of this fall made for some super pretty moments. Here are just a few of my favorites!

The I Family {Pheasant Branch Fall Session}

Dare I say I love morning light?! Albeit this was the perfect warm November day with 2 beautiful little ladies with bright colorful personalities (and dresses) - all that combined with morning light = a pretty great combo. It was so much fun meeting this adorable little family and adventuring. Here are just a few of my favorites from the morning!

Aspen {6 Month Session}

1st Year plans really give me the amazing opportunity to meet families and really get to know them. From baby in belly to a walking, talking 1 year old so much happens in that first year and I am so grateful for those families who have entrusted me to capture that. Thanks to this beautiful family (and sweet little nugget) for coming out on this crazy warm November day!!

Fields of Gold {Photographer Family Session}

Amazing part of this community? Meeting others who are as passionate & honest about their craft as yourself has to be at the top of the list here. It's amazing following someone's work online, but it's even better after you've met and gotten to know them and then continue to follow them as they grow as an artist, mother, wife. Birdie, I truly loved meeting your family, I'm so glad we were able to make this session work - the very last bits of October with your beautiful soul and beautiful boys just made my soul happy. Thanks for coming out!

2016-12-27_0009.jpg 2016-12-27_0010.jpg 2016-12-27_0011.jpg 2016-12-27_0012.jpg 2016-12-27_0013.jpg 2016-12-27_0014.jpg 2016-12-27_0015.jpg 2016-12-27_0016.jpg 2016-12-27_0017.jpg 2016-12-27_0018.jpg 2016-12-27_0019.jpg 2016-12-27_0020.jpg 2016-12-27_0021.jpg 2016-12-27_0022.jpg 2016-12-27_0023.jpg 2016-12-27_0024.jpg 2016-12-27_0025.jpg 2016-12-27_0026.jpg 2016-12-27_0027.jpg 2016-12-27_0028.jpg 2016-12-27_0029.jpg 2016-12-27_0030.jpg 2016-12-27_0031.jpg 2016-12-27_0032.jpg 2016-12-27_0033.jpg

Ezra {6 Month Baby Session}

If you needed a little something to brighten your day look no further. This little man has a smile that could move mountains! Seriously how can you look at that face and not give him all your chocolate?! I love love LOVE watching you grow little man! Thanks so much to this beautiful family for coming out :) 2016-12-01_0002.jpg 2016-12-01_0003.jpg 2016-12-01_0004.jpg 2016-12-01_0005.jpg 2016-12-01_0006.jpg 2016-12-01_0007.jpg 2016-12-01_0008.jpg 2016-12-01_0009.jpg 2016-12-01_0010.jpg 2016-12-01_0011.jpg 2016-12-01_0012.jpg

The C Family {Pheasant Branch Family Session}

I really loved getting to know this family. The different age ranges and the adorable little lady everyone just adored made for a really great time. I especially loved the sweet candid moments everyone shared with little Nora. But how could you not love that face?! Thanks so much to Susan and her beautiful family for coming out! 2016-11-30_0004.jpg 2016-11-30_0005.jpg 2016-11-30_0006.jpg 2016-11-30_0007.jpg 2016-11-30_0008.jpg 2016-11-30_0009.jpg 2016-11-30_0010.jpg 2016-11-30_0011.jpg 2016-11-30_0012.jpg 2016-11-30_0013.jpg 2016-11-30_0014.jpg 2016-11-30_0015.jpg 2016-11-30_0016.jpg 2016-11-30_0017.jpg 2016-11-30_0018.jpg 2016-11-30_0019.jpg 2016-11-30_0020.jpg 2016-11-30_0021.jpg 2016-11-30_0022.jpg 2016-11-30_0023.jpg

The Nampel Family {Sun Prairie, WI }

So much fun, so beautiful, so happy. Just a few words to describe this perfect little family. I have loved watching this family grow from a far as Corey is an old friend. But to meet these two sweethearts in person and on top of that get to photograph them, what a treat! Here are some of my favorites from a beautiful November morning! 2016-11-20_0009.jpg 2016-11-20_0010.jpg 2016-11-20_0011.jpg 2016-11-20_0012.jpg 2016-11-20_0013.jpg 2016-11-20_0014.jpg 2016-11-20_0015.jpg 2016-11-20_0016.jpg 2016-11-20_0017.jpg 2016-11-20_0018.jpg 2016-11-20_0019.jpg 2016-11-20_0020.jpg 2016-11-20_0021.jpg 2016-11-20_0022.jpg 2016-11-20_0023.jpg 2016-11-20_0024.jpg