Minimalist in the making - {Bathroom Flip}

Ok, so maybe this wasn't the most cluttered room in the house, but we had to start somewhere - and what better low pressure, easy project to start with than the bathroom. I have always longed for a simpler way of life - less things = less cleaning, less stress, less worry. So this year I made a goal to go through room by room and purge. Not just simple things like garbage and old boxes but ALL OF THE THINGS. Things we haven't used in the 2 years we've lived there, things that we've been holding onto from place to place trying to find a use for. Pretty much everything we don't use on a monthly or less basis goes. Anyways, back to the bathroom. I started here because of the obvious small square footage and no windows to deal with but also because since it was the only room we had not painted when we moved in, I was itching for a change.

We built the board & batten on the long wall to give it a little more depth and detail. We are changing all of our trim throughout the house to white, so I knew it would match well. I did do some painting in our laundry room last year, and I chose to paint the cabinets white which I didn't love the look of - perhaps it was my lack of patience or experience with it but I wanted to try something different.

Everything I read pointed me towards General Finishes gel stain - I've used it in the past and loved it's quick drying and deep rich tones. It took 3 coats to cover the entire vanity but it was well worth it! I used Java, which is a deep rich color. It made the existing countertop and white trim really pop with the contrast.

Chris came through big time with the barnwood frame around the existing mirror & hexagon shelves that he made in our previous house, and he even convinced me to splurge on a new light fixture which I loved the idea of finishing it my mounting on a moss covered piece of barn wood (sealed of course)

The main goal was to give it a fresh look & clear the clutter without spending a ton of money. Between the paint and stain, and a few other new finishes like the shower curtain from UO and our light fixture we came out to just under $200 for this flip.