Maria & Ben {Wingra Park Couple Session}

You don't need a life milestone for pictures with your spouse! Sometimes you just need to capture the love between the two of you on a whim! That's exactly what this session with Ben & Maria was. I LOVED that we planned this so quickly, had a short 20 min window, and caught the prettiest sunset at a super small but favorite park of mine. They actually did not reveal to me until the end of the session that they were expecting their first little one. Seriously, how adorable is that? The excitement and love for each other was so strong, I'm so glad I met these two!

Nicole & Owen {Backyard Wedding} Oregon, WI

I don't even know where to begin describing to you how beautiful and personal this ceremony was. Nicole & Owen have been dating for 10 whole years so I think everyone knew they would eventually marry, just a matter of when ;) They went sweet & simple for their wedding day plans - a beautiful backyard ceremony with their family. Followed by lunch at one of their favorite spots and a reception with their closest friends. The weather was perfect, the overall happiness of everyone (especially from their sisters & mothers) set the tone for a very successful and fun wedding day!

Thank you so much Nicole & Owen (& Banner the pup) for allowing me to capture your beautiful day!

2016-09-13_0034.jpg 2016-09-13_0035.jpg 2016-09-13_0032.jpg 2016-09-13_0036.jpg 2016-09-13_0037.jpg 2016-09-13_0038.jpg 2016-09-13_0039.jpg 2016-09-13_0040.jpg 2016-09-13_0041.jpg 2016-09-13_0042.jpg 2016-09-13_0043.jpg 2016-09-13_0044.jpg 2016-09-13_0045.jpg 2016-09-13_0046.jpg 2016-09-13_0047.jpg 2016-09-13_0049.jpg 2016-09-13_0050.jpg 2016-09-13_0062.jpg 2016-09-13_0063.jpg 2016-09-13_0051.jpg 2016-09-13_0052.jpg 2016-09-13_0053.jpg 2016-09-13_0054.jpg 2016-09-13_0055.jpg 2016-09-13_0056.jpg 2016-09-13_0058.jpg 2016-09-13_0059.jpg 2016-09-13_0060.jpg 2016-09-13_0061.jpg

Farren & Tom {Married}

Early December, Friday morning, small church, perfect wedding. These are the weddings I live for. Quiet, close, intimate and full of love & beauty. I loved these two and their two adorable children, after all these years they decided to finally tie the knot and I am so honored to be the one to have captured their day for them. Thank you Tom, Farren & Family!! kay_0355.jpgkay_0357.jpgkay_0360.jpgkay_0361.jpgkay_0359.jpgkay_0356.jpgkay_0358.jpgkay_0362.jpgkay_0363.jpgkay_0364.jpgkay_0366.jpgkay_0367.jpgkay_0368.jpgkay_0369.jpgkay_0370.jpgkay_0372.jpgkay_0373.jpgkay_0374.jpgkay_0375.jpgkay_0376.jpgkay_0378.jpgkay_0379.jpgkay_0377.jpg

Rachel & Ryan {Engaged}

Wisconsin River, 80 degrees in September, beautiful sunset and a beautiful couple - what more could you ask for? I loved taking Rachel & Ryan to this special spot because they were kind of perfect for it don't you think? I love sessions where you don't have to say much like "kiss each other" or "get closer" they just naturally mold together in front of the camera. Here are a few of my favorites - thanks Rachel & Ryan! kay_0085.jpg kay_0086.jpg kay_0087.jpg kay_0088.jpg kay_0089.jpg kay_0090.jpg kay_0091.jpg kay_0092.jpg kay_0093.jpg kay_0094.jpg kay_0095.jpg kay_0096.jpg kay_0097.jpg