Changes {They Keep us Moving}

Changes. They are what helps keep us moving, motivated, and evolving in this fast paced world. Tumbling Sparrow Photography recently underwent some changes which was sparked from my flood of inspiration as of late.

My eyes (& camera) feel like they are seeing things in a whole new way and as cliche as that sounds it has truly inspired me to make these changes. Not to just take your picture, but to truly make my time with you in a session and beyond a real genuine experience. 

This year has sparked changes on more than one level. My husband & I are growing our blog over at Hello, Dear. which keeps our home ever changing, we have moved & added one fun loving bubby to our family. In my latest journey as a mother, I am seeing the heart of the details, the importance of the everyday, and most of all the value of having everyone in the frame, as often as possible. It inspired me so much that I recently wrapped up the first portion of a project I'm calling "Motherhood" you can see it here and can't wait to continue that throughout this year. 

So here's what the next few months filled with things to come look like:

- New client GUIDES, to help you prepare & navigate for your session. We'll keep the conversation running from start to finish to craft you a truly customized experience.

- We'll be offering new LIFESTYLE SESSIONS for moms, families, newborns, and kiddos. Let's get together & explore the beauty of the details. The best part is for 2015 these will be offered to a few lucky mamas (check our latest post on Facebook for more details) 

- All clients with a session in 2015 will be receiving a very special something after our time together (super excited about these)  

- A One-Of-A-Kind PRODUCT LINE (you guessed it, made by Hello, Dear.) that includes some amazing reclaimed wood frames, mounts, and other truly unique photo displays. 

- A potential for WORKSHOPS starting in 2016 - geared towards new & veteran mothers who are just looking to capture the beauty of their children in daily life.

We are not taking these changes lightly - these aren't just words we are saying with no traction behind them. We've spent the past few months planning, talking, and working through various ideas and details of where we'd like to go as photographers, and how we want to bring our love and passion for each other and our family to you. To give back in any way we can and make sure that you walk away from your time with us with a truly genuine experience. These memories are what make up the fiber of our beings after all.

Can't wait to dive in to the second half of 2015 and beyond with you!