Cory & Lisa {Married}

Cory & Lisa had just started their wedding planning when we met last fall for engagement photos. They were excited, but nervous - all the little details, all the planning, attempting to make their day as perfect as possible.

Well I can say that they pulled off a pretty flawless day. Everything was beautiful. The weather, the venue, the people, and all the small little details I know the two of them worked so hard to put together.

Photographing a wedding to me is like telling a story. You start with the nerves and excitement of the day, the happiness of seeing your best friends and family all dressed up, genuinely excited and happy for you. Then that big sigh of relief when you see each other all dressed up for the first time. That moment about half way through the ceremony when you realize the hardest part is almost over and you are about to marry the man or woman you love in life so deeply. (my favorite moment) And the biggest sigh of relief when it's all over and time to party and celebrate the day you've been working towards for your whole relationship. Cory & Lisa's wedding story is picture perfect and I wish them nothing but love and happiness for years to come!

Thank you Cory & Lisa for allowing us the honor of capturing your day!