Fields of Gold {Photographer Family Session}

Amazing part of this community? Meeting others who are as passionate & honest about their craft as yourself has to be at the top of the list here. It's amazing following someone's work online, but it's even better after you've met and gotten to know them and then continue to follow them as they grow as an artist, mother, wife. Birdie, I truly loved meeting your family, I'm so glad we were able to make this session work - the very last bits of October with your beautiful soul and beautiful boys just made my soul happy. Thanks for coming out!

2016-12-27_0009.jpg 2016-12-27_0010.jpg 2016-12-27_0011.jpg 2016-12-27_0012.jpg 2016-12-27_0013.jpg 2016-12-27_0014.jpg 2016-12-27_0015.jpg 2016-12-27_0016.jpg 2016-12-27_0017.jpg 2016-12-27_0018.jpg 2016-12-27_0019.jpg 2016-12-27_0020.jpg 2016-12-27_0021.jpg 2016-12-27_0022.jpg 2016-12-27_0023.jpg 2016-12-27_0024.jpg 2016-12-27_0025.jpg 2016-12-27_0026.jpg 2016-12-27_0027.jpg 2016-12-27_0028.jpg 2016-12-27_0029.jpg 2016-12-27_0030.jpg 2016-12-27_0031.jpg 2016-12-27_0032.jpg 2016-12-27_0033.jpg