Finding Simplicity {New Beginnings}

A lot of times I question myself as a mother - Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? Should I be doing something else? What I've discovered in my last 2 years of motherhood is that it's hard for me to sit idle. There's always cleaning to be done, or places to shop, or new adventures to be discovered. So being at home for entire days at a time aren't really at the top of that list. But when we do spend days at home, or long chunks of time I tend to over think it. As an Aunt to my niece I always had these grand days at home packed with games and projects and arts & crafts. With Graycen it's different. I don't always know what to do with a 2 year old. It has really taken me a while to figure out that a SIMPLE project can keep her entertained for long periods of time. I don't need to go out and buy $50 craft boxes or plan several different projects for her to do. One simple project can keep her active and keep me idle long enough to capture her expressions and excitement of "painting Mommy" and that makes both of us happy. So yesterday we did just that. We happened to be at Home Depot so I bought a little clay pot and a new plant for the new year and we painted and planted and we were happy together as a family, at home, with the simplicity of each other and a little paint. This year I plan to do more of that. To slow down, to not over think or question my abilities as a Mother in the day to day. We have thus far raised a pretty happy little girl and I plan to keep it that way!

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