Henry {A Birth Story}

What an incredible experience to be a part of. Maddie and I had been in touch about family photos and one night after chatting she mentioned that it would be nice to have someone there to photograph the birth of her second son. That she had someone there the first time around but between everyone and their own children something like this was hard to coordinate as you can't exactly plan the timing! So we left it at - "call me when you go and I'll do my best to make it there" Well as I rolled over to check my buzzing phone at 6AM I see a few missed calls and some texts. "We're headed to the hospital!" from Maddie. I don't think either of us were expecting to communicate the very next day. So luckily I was able to quickly arrange some care for G and we waited near the hospital. A few hours later a "GET HERE NOW" text came through and I was on my way.

Here came Mr. Henry into the world. Mom & Dad were cool & collective, a couple of big pushes and there he was screaming from the bottom of his tiny lungs.

I have to thank Maddie so much for not only letting me be a part of this intimate incredible moment but also for allowing me to share these photos! I can't wait to photograph more birth stories, but until then here are some of my favorites!

kay_0226.jpg kay_0227.jpg kay_0228.jpg kay_0229.jpg kay_0230.jpg kay_0231.jpg kay_0232.jpg kay_0233.jpg kay_0234.jpg kay_0235.jpg kay_0236.jpg kay_0237.jpg kay_0238.jpg kay_0240.jpg kay_0241.jpg kay_0242.jpg kay_0239.jpg kay_0243.jpg kay_0244.jpg kay_0245.jpg kay_0248.jpg kay_0249.jpg kay_0251.jpg kay_0252.jpg kay_0253.jpg kay_0254.jpg