Jamie & Cody {Married}

These two were married on what seemed like the hottest day in August. Possibly one of the hottest of the summer. But that didn't stop them from looking super sweet and putting together a beautiful afternoon on the lake. The day - not unlike most wedding days started out tense, a little stressful with the timing and last minute details. But as the day went on the excitement came out and family came together to celebrate the joining of these two wonderful people. It was an honor being a part of your wonderful day, thanks so much Cody & Jamie! kay_0135.jpg kay_0126.jpg kay_0128.jpg kay_0136.jpg kay_0129.jpg kay_0130.jpg kay_0133.jpg kay_0134.jpg kay_0137.jpg kay_0145.jpg kay_0142.jpg kay_0141.jpg kay_0143.jpg kay_0144.jpg kay_0131.jpg kay_0132.jpg