Kaylie {1920s Inspired Shoot}

Sometimes as artists we have to switch it up to stay creative. I am lucky enough to have found a like-minded creative soul in the area. We see eye to eye on a lot of things creatively and she's always up for random fun ideas. This shoot started as a "Hey, I got a cool new chair" conversation and ended with a 20s inspired photoshoot with the beautiful Miss Kaylie. It was so much fun just hanging out briefly on a chilly Saturday morning this summer and I love how it all came together & the ease that it did. Thanks so much Brandy & Kaylie!!

kay_0001.jpg kay_0013.jpg kay_0003.jpg kay_0010.jpg kay_0012.jpg kay_0011.jpg kay_0005.jpg kay_0006.jpg kay_0004.jpg kay_0008.jpg kay_0009.jpg kay_0007.jpg