Kristen & Matt {Married}

This wedding was made from scratch with love. And when I say that, I mean two families, starting with a dusty old barn, transforming it into a beautiful backdrop perfect to celebrate their love and commitment together.

Matt & Kristen have done it all, dated, fallen in love, bought a home, started a family, and now they have officially joined their two families as one. This barn wedding was amazing. For the past few months Matt & Kristen along with their families and friends have been working tirelessly to transform this once old dusty storage barn into a place where they can not only hold their wedding, but share their love together through the work, sweat, and tears that went into all of this. During their speeches, it was a majority of "thank yous" and "we appreciate you". You could tell they were just so appreciative and so astounded at the end result of all of their hard work.

This crew was not the "posey" type, so we had fun capturing them just being them throughout the day and these I have to say are some of my favorite candids ever.

Thank you Matt & Kristen for letting us be a part of your amazing day & congratulations! Here are just a few of my favorites: