Leaving a Legacy {Motherhood Project}

What is your legacy? If you (God-forbid) left this earth tomorrow, what would your children have to remember you by? There are so many memories, and experiences that a child cannot possibly retain their entire life, but how can we show them what it was like being their mother?

Photographs together will show the most important part of your child's childhood - you.

I cannot say enough how so so very important it is to get in the frame with your children. To give them something that will last them a lifetime even when you are no longer with them. Something tangible to give them - not just a photograph but a memory, a feeling, a revisit of an experience.

I often hear from moms - "I'm not ready to do pictures yet," "I don't like the way I look in photographs," and the dreaded "I'm so big, I'll lose weight first." So I decided to ask for volunteers, to capture moms and their children in their own comfortable environment. There was no necessity to find the perfect outfit, or to overthink as moms we so often do. Our children do not care how much we weighed or if we were wearing the wrong colored shirt. What they care about is that we were there.

These moments I captured are the epitome of the everyday. They are the fibers that make up our lives as a mother, weaving in and out of the good, the chaos, the laughter, the tears. They are the forming of memories, the excitement of experiences, the love & passion of family. These are the most important things we can give our children so when we are not here our legacy as their mother will be.