Megan & Nick {Married}

This wedding was amazing to be a part of from the gorgeous bride and getting ready in her childhood home, to the groom and his incredible family surprising them with a beautiful hymn at church. Green Bay is beautiful this time of year - on the water and of course at lambeau (Chris would say it's extra pretty there ;) ) Megan has put countless hours into planning this wedding down to the last detail. The kindness that surrounded them throughout the day was pure amazing to see. Megan & Nick were definitely meant for each other and I can't wait to see what their new life together brings! mn_0040.jpgmn_0038.jpgmn_0046.jpgmn_0003.jpgmn_0037.jpgmn_0039.jpgmn_0069 mn_0001.jpg mn_0041.jpgmn_0059.jpg mn_0042.jpgmn_0004.jpg mn_0005.jpg mn_0006.jpg mn_0008.jpg mn_0009.jpg mn_0007.jpg mn_0060.jpg mn_0044.jpgmn_0010.jpg mn_0012.jpgmn_0011.jpgmn_0062mn_0061 mn_0015.jpg mn_0014.jpg mn_0017.jpgmn_0016.jpg mn_0018.jpg mn_0050.jpgmn_0071mn_0051.jpg mn_0052.jpg mn_0053.jpgmn_0070 mn_0036.jpg mn_0048.jpgmn_0035.jpgmn_0066 mn_0034.jpg mn_0032.jpgmn_0033.jpg mn_0031.jpg mn_0030.jpgmn_0023.jpg mn_0029.jpg mn_0019.jpg mn_0021.jpgmn_0020.jpgmn_0065 mn_0025.jpg mn_0026.jpg mn_0024.jpgmn_0027.jpg mn_0047.jpg mn_0054.jpg