Michaela {Class of 2017 Senior} Dodgeland High

Michaela is the perfect mix of down to earth, smart, athletic & compassionate. It was clear through her love of animals and outdoors that this girl had a great appreciation for the beauty that surrounds her and I had a fantastic time capturing her at her family farm! She truly has great things ahead of her! Thanks so much Michaela, here are just a few favorites from her senior session. 2016-09-07_0004.jpg 2016-09-07_0001.jpg 2016-09-07_0003.jpg 2016-09-07_0005.jpg 2016-09-07_0002.jpg 2016-09-07_0006.jpg 2016-09-07_0008.jpg 2016-09-07_0007.jpg 2016-09-07_0010.jpg 2016-09-07_0011.jpg 2016-09-07_0013.jpg 2016-09-07_0014.jpg 2016-09-07_0015.jpg 2016-09-07_0016.jpg 2016-09-07_0017.jpg