Mommy & Me {Lifestyle Retzer Nature Center - Waukesha, WI}

Miss Ada is so so special to everyone around her. She just lights up a room, or in this case the whole nature center. When I got a message from Katie at 2AM asking about photos soon as they were leaving for their big move to Seattle the next week I knew this was so important to her, especially to be wracking your brain at 2 in the morning over it. So we quickly picked a day that weekend, invited the grandparents that were helping while Dad was out getting settled in their new digs and explored this "new to us" place. When I got this email from Katie after sending the images her way I just about cried. This is EXACTLY why I do what I do. "I will literally love these images forever. I cannot wait for Ada to see them when she's older and appreciate them in a whole new way. Now I'm gonna go look at all of them a million times."

Tomorrow is not promised, our lives can change in an instance for better or for worse, but memories will remain, and we can encapsulate those memories with photos. And how she told me one day Ada would look at these is a whole new light hit the nail on the head. We may not print or frame every single picture of our children but one day when they ask, or when we are not there to tell them they will have these knowing that we were THERE.