Tips & Tidbits {Photography}

As a photographer, I get asked all the time how I started, and where a good place to start is. I thought I'd start off with a basic overview of some of the things I've learned in my 3ish years of photography experience.

Hopefully enough to get you started and feeling confident as you go along. I'll start by touching on a lot of the questions I get asked often, but am more than happy to take suggestions on different topics or questions you would like answered too!


If I could offer a piece of advice to aspiring photographers it would be this: Get it right in camera. Now you might be thinking, but I'm just starting, how can I do this?


First: Learn your camera. Read the manual that came with it, google search your particular camera model and do a little reading. Make sure you know where the buttons are (no you don't have to memorize all the technical terms) but be aware of where everything is on your camera and how it works.


Second: Shoot in Manual. There are 1,000 & 1 free tutorials online on how to do this. (I'll be going over some of the ones I use on a regular basis later) This is something that truly changed my photographs. Read, study, play with your settings, and practice. Practice, practice, practice. Now I'm not saying go shoot your first wedding to practice in manual, I'm saying grab your kid, your neighbor, your friend's kid and photograph them out back. In the morning, in the day, in the evening. Play with different lighting and backdrops, and camera settings, but most of all just play! When in doubt throw your camera on Auto and see what settings it choses. That will usually give you a good baseline and then you can adjust from there.


Third: Put it to use. Do a portfolio building photo shoot and see what you come up with. Are most of your photos ready to go with little to no editing? Or does it need more work? Take the time to look at the not so great photos and look at the settings you used. Adjust from there and practice again.


Why am I telling you this? Because it will make your life 100x easier and make your pictures look 100x better. Will you be able to achieve everything correct in camera all the time? Probably not. But it's worth starting this sooner than later.