Farren & Tom {Married}

Early December, Friday morning, small church, perfect wedding. These are the weddings I live for. Quiet, close, intimate and full of love & beauty. I loved these two and their two adorable children, after all these years they decided to finally tie the knot and I am so honored to be the one to have captured their day for them. Thank you Tom, Farren & Family!! kay_0355.jpgkay_0357.jpgkay_0360.jpgkay_0361.jpgkay_0359.jpgkay_0356.jpgkay_0358.jpgkay_0362.jpgkay_0363.jpgkay_0364.jpgkay_0366.jpgkay_0367.jpgkay_0368.jpgkay_0369.jpgkay_0370.jpgkay_0372.jpgkay_0373.jpgkay_0374.jpgkay_0375.jpgkay_0376.jpgkay_0378.jpgkay_0379.jpgkay_0377.jpg

Rachel & Ryan {Engaged}

Wisconsin River, 80 degrees in September, beautiful sunset and a beautiful couple - what more could you ask for? I loved taking Rachel & Ryan to this special spot because they were kind of perfect for it don't you think? I love sessions where you don't have to say much like "kiss each other" or "get closer" they just naturally mold together in front of the camera. Here are a few of my favorites - thanks Rachel & Ryan! kay_0085.jpg kay_0086.jpg kay_0087.jpg kay_0088.jpg kay_0089.jpg kay_0090.jpg kay_0091.jpg kay_0092.jpg kay_0093.jpg kay_0094.jpg kay_0095.jpg kay_0096.jpg kay_0097.jpg