The Nampel Family {Sun Prairie, WI }

So much fun, so beautiful, so happy. Just a few words to describe this perfect little family. I have loved watching this family grow from a far as Corey is an old friend. But to meet these two sweethearts in person and on top of that get to photograph them, what a treat! Here are some of my favorites from a beautiful November morning! 2016-11-20_0009.jpg 2016-11-20_0010.jpg 2016-11-20_0011.jpg 2016-11-20_0012.jpg 2016-11-20_0013.jpg 2016-11-20_0014.jpg 2016-11-20_0015.jpg 2016-11-20_0016.jpg 2016-11-20_0017.jpg 2016-11-20_0018.jpg 2016-11-20_0019.jpg 2016-11-20_0020.jpg 2016-11-20_0021.jpg 2016-11-20_0022.jpg 2016-11-20_0023.jpg 2016-11-20_0024.jpg