The Szerkins {Family}

Remember when we had the most beautiful snowfall in November? Well after a Saturday session with a beautiful frost covered backdrop I was so inspired I wanted to do again so this family came out to meet me and low and behold SNOW!

Four kids under 10 are never an easy feet for any parents, but these two showed up with smiles on their faces and adorably dressed kiddos ready to rock. We managed to get some great candids and each kid loved their time in front of the camera by themselves. I was thrilled when near the end of the session they corralled the little ones into the car to warm up and Katie asked to get some shots of just the two of them. 

Although it was still pretty cold I remember them both saying take your time as they were in no rush to get back to the car. These two have such a strong connection and were so natural in their interactions in front of the camera. It's so important to remember your relationship with each other is just as important as those with your children and couple photos are my favorite during a big family session!

Thanks to this wonderful family for coming out!