Tips & Tidbits {Finding Your Voice}

There are so many things to learn when you are starting out in photography. Technical skills, photography terms, how to start a business, how to get clients and price yourself and products. But as important as all of these things are, there is one that stands out to me that will help you bring the rest of these things together? Finding your voice and how you plan to bring your vision to life.

It's so so important to experiment, to find what you like to shoot - people, animals, barns, etc. , how you like to shoot it - sunset, daytime, candid, posed, etc. and keep pushing yourself creatively trying out new ideas to discover your voice as a photographer. This will ultimately help you build your confidence and define your style and business.

I recently became a mother, and through my experience with a child in the last 7 months have discovered that sometimes it is the ordinary, everyday moments that turn out to be the most cherished ones. This sparked a project that I will be experimenting with over the next month or so venturing into a different style of portraiture. Capturing the candid lifestyle shots that happen in different types of mothers everyday life. After my first session I have discovered not only has this let me experiment creatively, but it has pushed me to work with what I have - lighting, background, nature because everyday life can't always be planned.

What will you do to discover your voice?